Life is short, so let's make it your best.

My name is Maureen Melanson. I am the person behind Inner Serenity Wellness, a company that gives families positive resources.

My story

When I married my husband 37 years ago, I did not have a lot of self esteem. I remember asking him why he wanted to marry me. I always felt the need to be perfect, and a real people pleaser. I worked hard and took criticism very personally. I always felt I had to be the best at what I do , not to prove I was better than someone else just to prove to myself that I was good enough. Raising our 8 children presented many challenges for me. Starting from birth, what to feed them , making sure they felt loved, how to teach them what they need to know to be happy adults. So many things I wished I knew when this was all happening. This is why the training I received called to my heart. I wanted to help others maybe avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way.


I went through a lot of personal struggles that are very personal. I am in a place in my life now and say I am truly thankful for my journey. It allowed me to be the person I am today and feel so blessed to have the life I have now. Do I still have struggles, well heck ya I do. Just now I have the tools to help myself or people to reach out too. Knowing you are not alone and there are natural ways to have a better life is so exciting to me. I want to share with anyone who wants too, they can have a better life and change does not have to be hard.

My MIssion

I choose to live my life with purpose and purpose. To live in love and honesty always.Committed to helping others heal , strengthen and live their true authentic lives.To step up, defy the odds and be outstanding in all aspects of my life. I will be fearless and grow personally and professionally so others will benefit from giving my everything.Then I will persevere to give even more. This is my promise to myself and others. 

  • Master’s in Coaching

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist and;

  • HypnoBirthing Practritioner

  • SleepTalk /Goulding Process

  • HypnoMothering

  • Pain Management