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Daily Gratitude

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

I learned to be grateful at a young age. My parents marriage was not great and I learned to walk on eggshells early. I hated it when my dad yelled. He truly did not know how to be a dad to us. My parents eventually separated then divorced. I was grateful when I did not get noticed by him. I was grateful that they divorced even though things were hard for my mom it was so much better for us. I was grateful the first Christmas my mom was on her own and someone dropped off food and gifts for our family. In grade 10 , I hated knowing we were moving to another country where I knew no one. I was grateful to be able to be me and start fresh even though I was really scared.

I married at almost 19 yrs old. I was grateful I found my soul mate, even though I had no idea what the future would hold. When you grew up eating peanut butter sandwiches in high school and now kraft dinner is a main staple while my husband was studying . Grateful I was able to find work to pay rent and eat. I realized over the years that having a grateful heart really served me.

I remember moments when I hated doing dishes and folding cloths and felt like I was constantly cleaning up after everyone. Then I thought back to when we weren't sure there would be food and said Maureen if you are washing dishes you are eating . How many people would be thrilled to have dishes to wash. Doing laundry what a gift because you can afford to dress yourself and your children. Cleaning my home became fun as I realize I have a roof over my head and we are able to more than just care for my family but give them so much more. When I was frustrated or angry I realized that I was focusing on what was wrong in my life and what the people in my life weren't doing right. Wow, talk about being miserable and cranky.

Then I thought about if people only saw my faults, I would not look like much in anyones eyes. So, I started focusing on what I loved about the people in my life and about my life. Gratitude changes everything, each day is such a gift and am so very thankful to be here.I accepted people exactly they way they are and not what I thought they should be, isn't that what we want them to do for us.

Take time every morning to find 3 things that you are truly grateful for, the little things and the big things. If you cannot find joy and gratitude in the little things how will you appreciate the bigger things that come your way. If you can only be happy going to the moon, then you miss out on so much joy and life in between. If you can find the joy in the little things along the way and be thrilled with the bigs things come how awesome as that for you.

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