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mistakes=resourceslife Lesson#4

We so often beat ourselves up for the mistakes we make in life. I wish someone would have told me it's how we learn. When your a child learning to walk no one says to ,you give up because it will never happen. No, you get up over and over again until you are waking, usually getting cheered along the way. There are some things in life that come very easy to us and maybe that spoils us for when it does not come easy. We think we should be experts in every new endeavour we under take in our lives. We forget that there is a learning curve for a reason.

Well here's a surprise, sometimes we fail miserably and there is no one cheering us on as they did when we were children if we even had that as children. Yes sometimes it's even hard and we tend not to like it. You notice we tend to avoid things we don't like and the things we don't like are things we are not good at doing. Kind of funny when you think about it . Then we start telling ourselves stories , excuses as to why we can't do it and be right of course. Who ever succeeds at stuff we tell ourselves we are no good at doing. Usually based on fear, fear of failure, embarrassment, not being good enough, and the list goes on. How many times have we let fear stop us from moving forward in our lives.

Having children really keep you honest , in the moment and push you out of your comfort zone. They say we teach them but I can tell you , I have learned so very many life skills from them. I will be forever thankful to my children and even now as adults I am still learning from them as well because well I know it's ok to make mistakes. I forgive myself and understand it's how I develop resources to live my best life.

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