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own your life choices lesson #2

What do I mean by owning your life choices. Ask yourself have you ever blamed teachers, coaches, doctor's , family , friends and the list goes on for where you are today ? It is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. You hear people say unless they change my life is never going to get better. WRONG....When you blame others for where you life is , you give them your power and you become a victim.

So by owning your life choices you have the power within you to make any changes you need for yourself. How empowering is that, you are the captain of your ship. Sometimes knowing you have to change is the easy part. Sometimes it's knowing what to do to make the changes. One example for me would have been my first birth. I definitely did not turn out the way I had hoped . I was so disappointed in the support I received and the guidance I was given. After a few years I had to accept my role in the choices that happened.

I had taken the required prenatal classes and let's just say they fell short in preparing me for what to expect and understand how my body functioned during labour. I should have been more pro active like found some books on natural labour, looked into doula's to see who they were and what they did, made sure the Dr and I were on the same page. The valuable lesson I did learn was I knew in that moment I wanted to make birthing better for other women. They could learn from my mistakes and life lessons are never wasted. Being a doula was the foundation of my career.

You see it did not matter how women birthed only that we have choices to have an empowered birth. If I wouldn't have owned my choices ; 1. I would not have been able to heal, forgive myself and let it go. 2 . I would not have been motivated to help other women so they would not have to have the same experiences, 3. I wouldn't be where I am today and I am so very grateful to be where I am . I am a strong empowered person who is a driving force in helping people make changes in their lives. It started with learning to empower myself. You don't have to continue to suffer where you are , there a ways to get to where you want to go. It just starts with owning your life and choices.

I look forward to hearing and seeing your feedback on my FB page Inner Serenity Wellness. Maybe you have life lessons that might help other's . Feel we are put on this earth to support , encourage and learn from each other. My hope in putting my life lessons out there for everyone to see is just maybe I can help you . Feel free to connect with me on this website if you need one on one help. Have an amazing week

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