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Setting Intentions

Updated: May 7, 2020

Wish I would have know this was thing many years ago, but I know now. Why should we set intentions. Well , this part of the story of Alice in Wonderland where she falls down the rabbit hole and rabbit asks. So where do you want to go and she says I don't know and rabbit say any where is fine then. When we don't set intentions we just go with the flow of life where ever that takes us. This is fine, but what if you have hopes and dreams. Floating around is not going to help you to get where you want to go. I learned about setting intentions like how and what benefits they provided for my life. You can use intentions for every part of your life.

Set an intention for your personal life, professional life and even what your looking for in the relationships in your life. I will never write a New Years Resolution again. Know that you can always adjust your intention as time goes on, they are yours and you can change them as you grow and change. How awesome is that, to have something in your life that grows and changes with you and your desired outcome.

So how do we create intentions. Well, when I wanted to make some lifestyle changes because I don't believe in diets or dieting. I thought about what was important to me , like I wanted a toned and healthy body. I wanted to feel great and have lots of energy. I wanted to have fun and enjoy the changes. I created an image in my mind of what my body would look like toned and healthy. I decided what would be a great weight for me to maintain being healthy and toned and strong. I also connected with what that would feel like for me , what I would see, hear, feel when I was exactly the way I wanted to be.

What would having this do for me. What where the benefits of creating these changes for myself and how it would effect my life. Then the next was to decide what steps I was going to take to make it happen. It was about taking small steps at a time and integrating lifestyle changes that would help me achieve my goal. My motivator was , I gave birth to our last child at 40 . I made up my mind then and there I was going to be a healthy old person so I would not miss out on being in their lives. I also wanted to be able to have fun with them and looked at ways to make it happen. I started at a gym and found out what I liked and didn't like, I started changing the way we all ate because it made it easier for me and I wanted them to be healthy as well.

Eventually when I started taking better care of myself, I felt so good. I had lots of energy and cloths started fitting really good. My confidence was getting even better and it just had a positive impact on my life in many areas. When I was happy and healthy then that joy just spread to others in my life. When you feel great, you eat great and you make great choices. Wins all around. I have not dieted since I was in my 20's and all the lifestyle changes I have made in my life were just small changes a bit at time until it just became how I lived my life.

Know if setting intentions are a challenge for you just connect with me and I would be happy to help you. I have created personal intentions as well as ones for my business and also for the relationships I wanted to have with family and friends. Our minds need directions and if you are not giving clarity and some outline of what you want in this life then who is.....

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