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sleeping Peacefully

You would would think that sleeping would be such a natural process and it is....For some people and such a struggle for others. I had many years where sleeping was not easy and felt frustrated more times than I can remember. It started when we were having our children and I would love to say it got better as the children got older in some respects it did. My husband snored horribly where even in our bedroom with the door closed he could be heard loud and clear.

So let's start with being a new mom. Wish I would have know about HypnoBirthing when I was having my babies. I would have known how to get a more restful and energized sleep. The mind is so powerful and we have the power to create better outcomes with our thoughts. So my thoughts played a big role in my lack of sleep. When the baby fell asleep I felt like I was in a time crunch to hurry up and eat, shower, or have a nap. The funny or not so funny thing is the more you put pressure on yourself to make something happen the less chance it actually happens. My self talk at the time wasn't so great either. I have to get to sleep now, not sure how much time I have until baby wakes up again and if baby will fall right back to sleep after feeding...always felt like I never knew if I was going to be lucky and they did or was going to be up for hours. My thoughts and attitude played such a huge role and I had no idea at the time.

When you keep telling yourself you can't sleep, I'll never get to sleep, I alway wake up tired, it's going to be another one of those nights and the list of negative self talk goes on. Your right because this is what you told yourself would happen and so it did. So, the first thing you need to do is change your language to a positive intention and outcome. I created a sleeping intention, no joke. I had to retrain my brain how to think and feel about sleeping. My intention became ...I am going to have a deep relaxing sleep waking up refreshed, excited and energized about my new day. I said this faithfully every night. I also changed my self talk during the day. I would be aware to catch myself in a negative mind and say BUT my sleeping is getting better and better every day. I will tell you that my bedroom is set up to be a calm and quiet space. There are no TV's in our bedroom, my phone charges in the bathroom next to our bedroom and I do not work in my bedroom.

So little tricks for new mom's of mothers with children. You can tell yourself for every so many minutes I sleep it will feel's not the quantity of your sleep but the quality of it that matters. Watch your language and tell yourself you will be well rested and energized no matter how much sleep you get. There are other techniques you can use so connect with me and I would be more than happy to give you one on one attention, specific for your needs.

When my husband was going through his snoring phase which lasted way to long in my book. We found out he had sleep apnea and thankfully he got help for it, but it took me going to sleep on the couch when I woke up from his snoring to do something about it. My sleeping habits and pattern was a mess and I had to retrain myself how to get a good night sleep. Yes , I said retrain. I had been teaching my clients relaxation techniques so I started using one for myself. I was faithful and used it every night. If I woke up to use the washroom I would start it again. I am thrilled to say , I sleep amazingly well. I have absolutely no problem getting to sleep and staying asleep. I wake up refreshed , energized and excited about my new day and so can you. Feel free to connect with me if there is an underlying issue that is effecting your sleep.

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